Are you an international postdoc interested in research opportunities in Europe?


From Dr. Pierre-Antoine Crassous at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School/RBHS in Newark

INet NYC,  an organization that provides support and professional guidance for all international graduate students and research fellows in STEM fields,  is organizing a Seminar – Networking event for students and postdocs interested in opportunities outside the USA.     opportunities-abroad           

  Research Opportunities Outside of the US

 Do you want to know more about research opportunities in Europe?

 Join representatives from EURAXESS, GCRI, and GAIN to learn more

When:  Nov 16th at 6:30 PM

Where: Smilow Seminar Room,

                 NYU Langone Medical Center


 Viktoria Bodnarova, Regional Representative for EURAXESS Links North America

EURAXESS Links North America is a networking tool for European and non-European researchers based in North America looking for opportunities in Europe.

Joann Halpern, Director of the German Center for Research and Innovation
The German Center for Research and Innovation (GCRI) New York facilitates transatlantic collaboration by bringing together leaders in science, the humanities, and technology.

Gerrit Roessler, Director of German Academic International Network

The German Academic International Network (GAIN) is a network of German scholars and scientists in North America created to improve the flow of information on current career opportunities at German universities, research institutions and in the private business sector.

RSVP in this link

Contact us:

Find us on LinkedIn Groups, INet NYC to stay up to date






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