Introducing our new Associate Director!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Dr. Itzamarie Chevere-Torres to the position of Associate Director for Rutgers University’s new Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. small-celebration

Dr. Chevere-Torres comes to us fresh from both her Rutgers postdoctoral position and her tenure as co-president of the Rutgers PDA. She is a trained behavioral neuroscientist and completed her doctoral work in Puerto Rico,where she studied how the brain makes and stores memories of fear. She began her postdoctoral research at Rutgers in 2011, spending two years studying worms (C. elegans) to understand how cells recycle molecules necessary for brain function. She switched labs at the end of 2013 to work on understanding the structural changes in brain cells that are responsible for mood disorders such as post-partum depression.

Dr. Chevere-Torres has been an active member of the PDA since 2012 and has played a crucial role this past year in helping the PDA expand beyond RBHS, particularly in ensuring that postdocs across New Brunswick and Newark have been able to participate in planning future events. While we are sad to lose her as a PDA colleague, we are thrilled to gain her as an advisor. The PDA looks forward to working with Dr. Chevere-Torres in her new capacity when her appointment begins on January 17.

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs is slated to launch on February 1, so stay tuned for more information!




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