NPA Responds to Concerns About Recent Executive Orders

(reposted from the National Postdoctoral Association)

January 30, 2017

The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) is concerned about the changes being implemented by the new administration and how these changes will negatively impact our community. Limits on research funding, restrictions on the ability to communicate scientific results to a diverse audience via multiple platforms, and the hiring freeze imposed upon federal agencies will negatively impact the career opportunities of prospective and current postdocs. These new limitations are likely to deter talented international postdocs from moving to the United States to perform research and encourage American postdocs to find opportunities abroad. We are deeply concerned that the “brain drain” experienced by other countries will now occur here and will severely impact the American research enterprise. The NPA is committed to advocating for growth in research funding and in postdoc salaries to a minimum of $50,000. We also support increased hiring opportunities for our talented community in federal, academic and other research institutions (whether U.S. or international) and the ability to publish and promote research transparently.

Read NPA Advisor Brendan Delaney’s follow-up comments here.


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